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Bob Fischer

I was born in 1964 in Orlando Florida. My father was a rocket scientist (literally - working on the Patriot Missile Defense System for what is now Lockheed Martin) and my mother was a retired lab technician. That probably explains my affinity for science fiction and the study of logic.

In High School I was introduced to an acoustic guitar, and only had one lesson because I wanted to know music theory, the logic behind chord structure and scales, and that particular teacher thought that was unnecessary. One of my friends played guitar, so I played bass for him. It was while playing bass when I taught myself music theory, for knowledge of scales and how they fit into chords is crucial to play proper bass.

In college I played bass in an original band and I wrote a good portion of the music. After fours years I received a B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy. and it was time to move on.

I moved to Gainesville, FL to go to Graduate School at the University of Florida. There I focused more on writing music and switched to playing guitar so I could have more control over the writing process. I was in an original band there, a three piece, which played the local scene.

After graduating U.F. with a Masters in Philosophy and an Ed.S. in Education I moved back to Orlando. In Orlando I was part of several three piece original bands playing around the area. It was during that time that I bought an inexpensive Casio keyboard with which to experiment.

After my last guitar oriented band broke up, I auditioned for other bands, playing both bass and guitar. But in all the auditions I had the feeling "been there, done that". It seemed there had to be a fresher direction for Rock music, one less tread then what I was hearing.

At that point I bought another inexpensive Yamaha keyboard so I could have two sounds at the same time. I started to write some music and put a few songs together.

I managed to get a band together and began to play with the keyboard/bass/drums arrangement. I learned quite a bit about keyboard playing in this kind of Rock arrangement. Soon I felt the limitations of the two cheap keyboards I had and I replaced them with the most awesome 88 key Triton Extreme. I learned how to use this very versatile instrument with regard to both playing and songwriting.

During this time period I also was learning quite a lot about the music business end of a musical project. That would include copyrighting, BMI and royalties, marketing, promotion, and a host of other skills necessary for the business end of a musical project to be successful.

So I decided to use a lifetime of what I've learned and apply it to what I love the most, writing and producing songs. And that's where I am now with my new self-titled album, The Star Dreamer Project.